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Recommendations For Mike Prigodich

“Mike is one of the few amazingly intuitive test engineers I’ve known. He was unparalleled in his ability to find extremely interesting (and nasty) bugs in our products. He understood the oroduct extremely well and knew how it would be used (and abused) by our customers. He was the most prolific bug submitter on the team and was only happy if he was finding bugs. As part of the QA team, it is sometimes difficult to have a good relationship with the developers – they don’t like to hear that you’ve found even more bugs in their code. Mike was extremely successful in developing those good relationships and working closely with developers. This extended beyond just our local team, but to the extended team in other parts of the country as well. Part of the reason for Mike’s success, which in no way lessens his technical ability, is his attitude. Mike has one of the brightest and congenial personalities of anyone I’ve met. He always looks on the bright side of things and puts a smile on your face – even when he’s telling you about the newest “blue screen” he’s found. His care for the product and for his teammates is clear. He’s the only one I know who can break the product and build a relationship at the same time.” October 27, 2009

Mike Hatch, Quality Assurance Manager, Hewlett Packard
managed Mike at HP

“Mike’s approach to his Quality Assurance role challenged certain artificial “thought boundaries” which were in place, and he substantially improved the effectiveness of the QA organization. Mike never lets inexperience get the better of him, as he expands his own boundaries to achieve his goals. A strong quality champion, he sets the bar for others on his team with innovative thinking, improved processes, and the constant drive for delivering quality products. He not only garners technical respect from his work, but he also brings wit and humor to the team, making him a pleasure to work.” February 24, 2009

Don Norton, Director of Engineering, PolyServe, Inc.
managed Mike indirectly at HP

“In the time that I have worked with Mike, I have been impressed by his thorough, creative approach to his work. He has been an indispensable part of our project, and I look forward to working with him in the future.”April 20, 2008

Jonathan Hittle, NAS Software Engineer, Hewlett-Packard
worked with Mike at HP

“Mike has always been a great resource to work with. I am consistently amazed by his knowledge of the “internals” of the Windows operating system. He is always willing to jump in as part of the team, whether it be to to fix a problem or to determine root cause. His problem solving capabilities are unmatched.” April 19, 2008

Lincoln Tidwell, Federal Pre Sales Engineer, Hewlett-Packard
worked with Mike at HP

“Mike is exceptionally knowledgeable in the development and qualification of mission-critical Windows software. He also demonstrated terrific competence when engaging with customers and external business partners (including Microsoft and OEMs) both at a deep technical level as well as a higher level in order to convey or discuss concepts. He was very valuable to PolyServe as it created and shipped multiple generations of Windows based software continually meeting aggressive deadlines. He’s great!” April 14, 2008

Todd Behrbaum, GM, Worldwide Alliances & Microsoft Solutions, PolyServe
managed Mike indirectly at HP

“Mike has a tremendous amount of domain knowledge which he routinely brings to bear on the projects he contributes to. He has also shown great initiative and dedication and has consistently helped push the envelope and make our products the best they can be. He has been a great customer advocate and has peered nicely with engieers that are much more senior often showing a great capacity for leadership.” April 10, 2008

Elan Kaplan, Engineering Manager, Hewlett-Packard
managed Mike indirectly at HP

“Mike is a competent and detailed QA engineer. His input is highly sought for detailed technical information as many come to him for clarification on work related issues. Beware his infectious sense of humor!” April 8, 2008

Harvey Werner, Software Build & Release Engineer, Hewlett-Packard
worked directly with Mike at HP

“Mike is an incredibly valuable colleague. He is exceptionally smart, thorough, friendly and very easy to work with. He is our local Windows guru. As a QA engineer, he is single-handedly responsible for many of the quality improvements in our product. He doesn’t simply run tests, but understands the product deeply, and uses this understanding to dream up all sorts of new ways to torture the product. That is a rare talent.” April 7, 2008

Tim Wright, Troubleshooter, Hewlett-Packard
worked with Mike at HP

“I’ve been working with Mike for more than two years (PolyServe & HP) and although we have been in different groups which do not necessarily have direct contact with each other, I have used his generous and professional help on many occasions. Mike has always found time to go out of his way to answer difficult questions with correct, in-depth, expert advice. I believe Mike has made invaluable contributions to his and other departments and he’d be a great asset to any company.” April 3, 2008

Sean Lee, Snr. Sales Engineer, PolyServe
worked with Mike at HP

“I’ve worked closely with Mike on many issues over the past several years. Mike is undoubtedly the most gifted QA engineer I’ve ever worked with. His combination of creativity, tenaciousness, and care in collecting and preserving information have made him invaluable to our work, and he’s a great guy to work with besides!” March 31, 2008

Phil Krueger, Software Engineer, Polyserve, Inc.
worked with Mike at HP

“Mike is one of the hardest working people I know. He is very thorough and usually goes beyond the scope of what is asked. He often comes up with relevant use cases that were not previously considered. In his current QA position, he gets great joy in breaking things, quoting that it’s a great “stress relief”.” March 31, 2008

Rick Cooper, Software Engineer, PolyServe
worked with Mike at HP

“Mike is a knowledgeable, dedicated and most of all helpful team member and an absolute pleasure to work with. Not only were his skills invaluable to the team his approachability and pleasant demeanor were a boost to team morale.” March 31, 2008

Eli Smith, QA Engineer, Polyserve
worked directly with Mike at HP

“One of the most thorough and creative QA engineers I’ve worked with anywhere, Mike improves our software development as early as the brainstorming stage: I’ve been to several design sessions in which one engineer has proposed an algorithm that would almost always work and would only perform unacceptably in one obscure case “which no one will ever run into”, and another engineer has responded, “Mike Prigodich will”.” March 31, 2008

Terence Rokop, Software engineer, Hewlett-Packard
worked with Mike at HP

“I had the fortune of working with Mike on a project while working at HP that had a tight deadline and required the writing of complicated code. Mike was responsible for making sure that the code that I delivered had high quality and met all the functional requirements for the project. Mike performed his role exceptionally. His passion for designing functional tests and finding the weaknesses in the delivered code was awe inspiring. Mike worked many hours (more than the normal 40 that we are paid for) to design and write new tests to find potential flaws in the code. He found problems that hadn’t even been thought of by me. He made sure the quality in the delivered code was always present. I can say without hesitation that because of MIke’s dedication, high quality of work, and passion for the project that the quality of the code that will be delivered into the HP product will be significantly higher than if he was not on the project. Mike is an easy engineer to work with and a definite team player. I highly endorse MIke and consider him a great asset at HP.” March 29, 2008

Barry Sabsevitz, Software Engineer, Hewlett-Packard
worked with Mike at HP

“It has been my pleasure working with MikeP on various projects at PolyServe (and now HP). MikeP is a very bright individual and is an expert at finding all these pesky (Windows) product bugs – things that can only be found by applying extreme race conditions. His testing methods and scripts can be deadly to a 16-node cluster. He can be one heck of a virus writer if he ever goes over to the dark side. I would definitely work with him over and over again. His dedication and input are extremely critical to having a great quality product.” March 29, 2008

Oj Ngo, SQL Server Architect, Hewlett-Packard
worked with Mike at HP

“Mike’s ability to test and break software in cunning and devious ways is legendary, and a major part of the reason for our product being as stable as it is on both Linux and Windows. Mike works extraordinarily hard and is very focussed in his approach to his work; he gets it done, gets it done fast, and gets it done extremely well. If I were starting a software company, he’d be one of the first I’d call to offer a job.” March 29, 2008

Dave Beaver, File Services Architect, Hewlett Packard, StorageWorks Division
managed Mike indirectly at HP

“Mike is a tireless associate who explores some times rather obscure problems and provides input on possible solutions that solve internal or customer related issues. He is a tremendous asset to myself as he is in addition to being a problem solver, he is a wealth of Windows Administration knowledge well beyond commonly trained knowledge.”March 29, 2008

Steve Sigafoos, Senior Product Specialist, CPE, Hewlett-Packard
worked with Mike at HP

“Mike really has an opportunity to show his clairvoyant side in his position at HP/PolyServe. Combining his deep knowledge of networking and Microsoft’s various domain services with the ability to see problems before they arise (or communicate the problems which exist but others don’t recognize the flaws), Mike has come to be a king-pin of knowlege upon which the team of Architects, Developers, and other QA Engineers come to depend. Mike has the ability to communicate technical information very quickly and clearly both in written form as well as in conversation. Oh yeah, and I’m sure it helps that he has the memory of an elephant as well ;)” March 29, 2008

Rusty Weise, Team Lead QA Engineer, Hewlett-Packard
worked directly with Mike at HP

“Mike was one of the best hires we made at PolyServe. He was unrelenting in his approach to finding problems with our product, and with driving towards fixes. He brought a huge amount of knowledge about Windows to an organization that was, at that time, primarily a Unix / Linux group. I strongly recommend Mike.” June 10, 2008

Carter George, Vice President and Co-Founder, PolyServe
managed Mike indirectly at PolyServe

“Mike is a detail oriented engineer with a strong aptitude for problem solving. During our time working together at PolyServe, (now HP), Mike repeatedly demonstrated a strong understanding of the Clustered File System business. His understanding of the software development methodology and strong use of defect tracking and management made Mike an asset to the team. If there was a hard problem to solve, Mike always showed initiative to get to the bottom of it. Given the chance, I would definitely work with Mike again.” March 29, 2008

Matt Berney, Senior QA Engineer, PolyServe, Inc.
worked directly with Mike at PolyServe

“I give Mike the strongest recommendation that I can, as the best detail oriented administrator that I have ever worked with. Mike has the ability to keep the 10,000 foot view in mind as he works on the individual details of projects. If there is a question about a project, he has a good understanding of when to ask questions and when to move forward on assumptions. Any time I am in a management position, I’ll give Mike a call to see how he is enjoying his job. — JB” October 29, 2008

Justin Brown, Backoffice Systems Manager, Enron Broadband Services
managed Mike at Enron Broadband Services

“Mike was a pleasure to work with during our time together at Enron Broadband Services. In all of our interactions, Mike always had the heart of a teacher. Jim Hoekema” April 28, 2008

Jim Hoekema, IP Test & Turn Up Engineer/ Desktop Support Tier 2, Enron Broadband
worked with Mike at Enron Broadband Services

“Mike is a sincere, nice, humorous, easy-to-work-with, to-the-point person who is very sharp, hard working, and very good at what he does. He has a great understanding of the big picture for planning.” April 4, 2008

Heidi Freytag, Technical Writer/Programmer Analyst, Enron Broadband Services
worked directly with Mike at Enron Broadband Services

“Mike is a consummate professional in very way. Aside from being technically strong, he understands business and the value relationships. I would not hesitate in recommending Mike for any position that he chose to pursue..” March 30, 2008

Steve MacMillan, Sr Account Manager, ProDX
managed Mike indirectly at Enron Broadband Services

“Mike is a thorough, personable, adaptable, and extremely competent professional. He would be an asset to any organization, and has an excellent sense of rhythm!” March 29, 2008

Barry Lavine, Programmer/Analyst, Enron Broadband Services
worked with Mike at Enron Broadband Services

“Mike has an uncanny ability to see more than a few sigmas away from the obvious; he recognizes the edge cases of nearly any situation very quickly and has the ability to convey his thoghts and findings equally as fast. One of the many memorable events during our tenure at Enron, Mike made a declaration in December or early January that, given the current A/C chill water temp plan, the labs won’t make it past a very particular date without overheating. On that exact date, I don’t recall the date in March, the entire lab overheated and shut down. We had, of course, been doing whatever we could to keep the labs cooler to no avail. Mike has a very deep technical knowlege of internetworking and Microsoft’s NT4 Domains as well as the Active Directory domain services. The most notible point about his understanding of these technologies is that nothing ever seems to get by him, or flush from cache (if you will). He has as strong of an understanding of the information now as he did when it was new technology (pun intended).”March 29, 2008

Rusty Weise, Sr. Network Systems Specialist, Enron Broadband Services
worked directly with Mike at Enron Broadband Services


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